2009 BBC’s Reith lecture: don’t miss it !

(the text below is taken from BBC’s website)

The 2009 Reith Lectures will be delivered by political philosopher and Harvard University Professor Michael Sandel.


Professor Sandel will deliver a series of lectures under the title “A New Citizenship” addressing the “prospect for a new politics of the common good.”

BBC Radio 4 Controller Mark Damazer said: “I am delighted that Professor Sandel will be giving this year’s Reith Lectures. His concerns – about economic behaviour and its relationship to community, the nature of social solidarity, the definition of justice and the allure and danger of the hunt for perfection – all resonate loudly.”

“He is an academic of great distinction and I am sure his lectures will again underline the value of ideas and of dispassionate intellectual engagement with so many of the issues and dilemmas that lie behind the day-to-day debates and controversies that punctuate public life.”

Professor Sandel said he hoped his lectures would prompt public discussion about the prospect for a “new politics of the common good”.

He said: “The Reith Lectures have a storied tradition of engaging the life of the mind and the public square.”

“At a time of political change and economic turmoil, we need new thinking about the common good. What, in an age of globalisation, are the moral limits of markets? What should be the place of moral and spiritual values in public life? How is biotechnology transforming our relation to nature and the environment?”

The lectures will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in June and will be presented and chaired by Sue Lawley.


~ by tolotra on May 7, 2009.

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