Lybia and Madagascar what’s the point ?

Last week-end, the HAT president Andry Rajoelina was officially invited by the Lybian guide-leader and AU chairman Muammar Khadafi (Gaddafi), the former was been given a chartered plane and treated like a real president as the media relayed. However, the discussion between the two seemed to be kept undisclosed which may raise the attention of Malagasy people. Avoiding to be a rabble rouser about the growing recognition of the transitional governement abroad, I would like to catch our mind about the real intention of Khadafi.
If we remember, the former boss Ravalomanana maintained a more than close relationship with the Lybian leader about the establishement of the United States of Africa; it’s him who financed the villas(need confirmation) supposed to host the Africans during the next African Union summit ultimately handed over another country due to the crisis here in Madagascar. In fact, many African leaders are reluctant about the role of Lybia in the US Africa creation and the results (if only it succeed) so he wanted to put Ravalo on the head of this new organization. Nothing fishy till now because Khadafi’s idea about USA deserves praises if only this suspiscious infatuation for Madagascar now seen through this invitation of Andry Rajoelina, “the King is dead, hail the (new) King”. Madagascar is at the heart of a world geoeconomical stake ?


~ by tolotra on May 19, 2009.

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  1. “the King is dead, hail the (new) King”

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