Use your Illusion

Eventually the idea of a real alternative for a real change vanished as we move forwards into the negociation. The Scramble for seats is the main issue between politicians and in the end, the eternal loosers are always the people. The people who still believe that somewhere someone thinks about their daily grievances, worries and their aspiration to just live a decent life. The peole who still hope that in this sunken-rotten world honesty still exists but apparently, their illusion quickly goes up in smoke like it had grown. While the others quarrel vehemently about what part of the pie they will get, some have (in a total indifference) to keep the track because they realize that whatever the outcome will be it won’t change their condition. Three months ago, the western media tried to make fool of Malagasy on their unadulterated illusion to rekindle hope on someone from the street, but ……always overlooked. Malagasy are said to never learn from the past but, is it a reason to turn one’s back to politics ? Certainly not because it’s the fault of unscrupulous politicians not the people who just claimed their due.

In fact, Madagascar is not only exceptional by his fauna and flora but also by the plethora of spineless hungry politicians living there where only a few can be called Statesman. They play the Malagasy people’s illusion of a better world, justice for all, redistribution of wealth, and for an egalitarian society. But if we think deeper to the situation who really plays who ? Since the dawn of time everybody knows that democratic election has never reflected real Malagasy’s choice and abstention is legion in every elective process, from the deputies and mayor to the President of republic. Where in western countries opinion polls can be taken as a decisive tool in governing, it’s not the case for Madagascar and it’s better. The former French colonizers (and Freemason) are the best to know that Malagasy people are anarchists by nature and any attempts to impose any coercive frameworks are seen as hostilities towards the whole society. In other words, Malagasy have never expected the government to change their lives but when it hinders their very existence then they have to react. A good Malagasy politician is then not an agent of the highest authority wich is the State and which role is to fulfil people’s aspirations, but, a shopkeeper who knows the tolerance margin of the customers.


~ by tolotra on June 2, 2009.

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