Chinese Democracy !

Now I understand what the Guns N’ Roses latest album means. In the movie “300”, the tyrant Persian King Xerxes threatened Leonidas to not mention him in any history book if he keep fighting but practically is it possible to reshape history ?
The answer is YES; the China government has more or less succeeded to remove the Tiananmen massacre (20 years ago) from Chineses’ memory: Happy National Amnesia Day !!!!

“ To hear the song of freedom many gave their lives, they fought for you and me…” Manowar_ Fight for Freedom.

“In the square they play the game, That’s when the tanks and the army came… They called the murders minimal, Described their victims as criminals… Dead souls like you and me, Who only wanted free society”. Testament_Seven days in May

Today 05 june, it’s 20 years to the day since the image of the unknown activist now called the “tankman” made the world aware of the biggest popular revolt in modern history. Tiananmen event is similar to the Malagasy 13th May 1972 if we make a comparison. Both the two movements were ignited by students and after supported by the population, both protestations ended in a bloodbath but, Tiananmen’s (03 and 04 june 1989) death toll is heavier than 13 May. On the Lost Voices of Tiananmen square, a BBC documentary, we can hear a record archive of that day and I must say that I was a bit shocked since I experienced the same thing in 07 February, this year. Imagine a 07/02/09 magnified by thousands time; the machine gun fires still rang out two hours after the assault had began, the People’s Liberation Army even used heavy tank to crush the student’s movement on Monday 5 june 1989. Any funeral were banned after the massacre and till now no official figure has been released (up to 3000 said the Chinese red cross).

The reason of the protest development is quite the same if an extrapolation with the Malagasy case is to be made: people wanted political liberalization vis-à-vis the authoritarian communist party just because it doesn’t embody the Chinese people’s voices; they denounced corruption, inflation, bad economic reform. There was no question of changing the socialist system even if that during this period we assisted to the fall of USSR and the end of Mao era, people just want DEMOCRACY and freedom. Democracy in its real definition not the distorted version of USA’s. “Why don’t you ask the kids at Tiananmen Square, was fashion the reason why they were there?”No! it’s not fashion, it’s just that they are born free, better to die free than to live like slaves or shall I quote this Kreator’s song: “…it’s better to taste the fire than swallowed by the night”.

20 years later and a large majority of Chineses seem to be swallowed by the night, the night of blind free market and economic prosperity (yet we know at what cost). The massacre was asphixiated in oblivion as if the economic growth China is undergoing now legalize the barbaric crackdown, as if the price of material comfort(not all Chinese class) is to loose freedom. Nowadays, China has moved to a powerful capitalist leader after the fall of western economic system, mixing authoritarianism, forced urbanization and savage globalization making the people like prisoneers (yet during the olympic game they deny to be coerced), traped by the endless offshore business opportunity. The ways the Chinese government had implemented censorship during these years( blog ban, twitter filters, foreign media ban….) is just ridiculous but at the same time alarming, knowign for instance that google search has complied to the rule in sifting informations from his engine. And what if tomorrow the Chinese case will be adopted by another country because the end justifies the means ?

“Peaceful confrontation meets war machine,
Seizing all civil liberties
Honest ballotation among banshee
Spilling blood throughout humanity
… No disguise can deface evil, The massacre of innocent people.” Slayer_Blood Red

I didn’t know till yesterday that this song (my favorite after “Dead Skin Mask” in Season In The Abyss) is inspired by Tiananmen Square, what a shame !!!!

Source: Wikipedia, sedated masses on Tiananmen.


~ by tolotra on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Chinese Democracy !”

  1. You’re damn good highlighting “metal” groupś songś lyrics for illustrating current/serious situations.
    BTW, Iǘe never taken the time to listen to “Madagascar” song from this “Chinese democracy” album

    Just to add to this nice (I like this idea of picking lyrics to illustrate the case) list of lyrics, a good one from White Lion on “When the children cry”
    “What have we become?
    Just look what we have done
    All that we destroyed
    You must build again
    No more presidents
    And all the wars will end
    One united world
    Under God

    BTW, thanks for adding my blog in your blogroll

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    I listened to “Madagascar” but couldn’t find any relation with our country (or am I wrong).This track deals more with personal matter within the group, solitude , loneliness (AXl with the former Guns members ?)or I don’t know .I want to hear your view about the track.

    Thanks , you encourage me to put posts about Metal, I’m definitely a Metalhead.Metal is my red pill (allusion to Matrix about truth).

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