RAMBO: Operation Island Hurricane!

This morning I had an urgent talk with my brother, I told him : “ this time it’s gonna be serious bro not like SADEC, you have to be prepared in case the army staff urge us to join the ranks of reservists, so listen carefully to what I will say to you coz it’s may be our last talk”.
“Sure I’m listening” he replied.

First, keep in mind that the outcome of a war always hangs on the ground no matter what technological weapons you will use; I take the example of Iraq: if the Americans could only use their F-22 Raptors to solve the conflict they wouldn’t have sent thousands of troups to be sacrificed there. You get it ?
“Yes” he replied .
So the score will be settle with only conventional weapons like heavy and field artillery, anti-aircraft, tank, Rocket-propeled grenade(RPG), machine gun and offcourse assault rifle. Since you are a newbie in the army, sure that they will assign you only in defensive post not offensive, all you have to learn is to use your rifle. You follow ?
“Yes, I’m listening” he said.
You may know that our Army uses Kalashnikov variants as their main infantry gun. There are different models of Kalashnikov : the AK47, AK74, the AKM and Chinese Type 56. The main differences is based on barrel quality, the AKM and some chinese made may melt under intensive use, so check what model you get and don’t fire abusively. The second important point is the caliber (ammuniton), most of our AKs use 7,62×39 mm, if it happens that you get your ennemy’s riffle, check first the caliber if not you will not have sufficient ammunition to fire with it. For instance the M16 and FAMAS use 5.56x45mm, this will never be fitted to the chamber of your AK. Small caliber is said to be low impulse, less recoil and high velocity but no big differences on combat zone unless the enemy uses a M4A1 Carbine SpecialOPerationMOD (expensive) or a Tavor TAR21 very effective in short range combat but don’t worry, these Africans will use the same rifle as you and we gonna trap them in ambushes and urban guerrila fights.
“What about these sniper rifles I see on TV ?” he asks.
Forget about movie bro, we can not afford these rifles and don’t dream about Barret .50BMG ,but, we have Dragunov, a semi-automatic 7.62, effective for a 1000m range target, anyway you can use AK to snipe just turn the selective-fire into single round for a better accuracy. Remember that you are no trained to snipe but you can be a designated marksman. OK ?
“No problem, all I have to do is to play CoD4 (the video game call of duty) on veryhard level and running 5km every morning for physical training. But what happens if they use drone and laser-guided missile to blow my ass out ?” he asks again.

In that case, all you have to do is to pray Zanahary(God) coz you are in a big pool of shit bro! But don’t worry, unlike the Muslim warriors we are rewarded 50 virgin girls not 20 in paradise (actually I must lie to boost his feeble heart coz there’s no such reward in Christian religion unlike the djihad). Or do you want the foreigners invade your country, kill your family and rape your girlfriend, you know the size of their d**k. Because that happened in Darfur Sudan, the country of Omar el-Bechir now befriend with Ravalomanana (Rambo). The latter swore to retake power by force, helped by the COMESA and Mugabe (Mugabe will not send soldiers because Zimbabwean army didn’t recover yet from cholera). So up to you bro if you let them .
“I’m a Malagasy, I just give a damn to faggot politicians but I will never let my girl get raped by a supersize d**k”, he groans.
FU , it’s not about your girlfriend bro, it’s for the whole country that you have to fight. And you have to show no mercy coz they will have none, especially our former President Ravalomanana.(…) end of the 1st part , to be continued
Tavor- RPG29
Off course this is a simulacra dialogue between me and my brother, I’ve never been in a military academy and I don’t know combat strategy. On the other hand you will see soon Rambo V on theater featuring Ravalomanana and Ratsiraka playing the lead.

Source: Wikipedia, World Guns


~ by tolotra on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “RAMBO: Operation Island Hurricane!”

  1. the AKM and some chinese made may melt under intensive use

    I’m laughing my head off reading this lool

    Seriously, I don’t like the idea of a war here man, that’s going to be a mess. I hope this Rambo V won’t happen here.

  2. Not really melting but just bending under extra heat.It’s true haha

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