The Dark Side of Twitter

The last Barcamp for Malagasy bloggers by “Foko” in Antananarivo last weekend was the first one I attended as a blogger. The workshop gave general outlines about blogging technologies and about ethics in citizen journalism, crowdsourcing information and the influence of online social-networking services as a communications media or alternative media. It was also an opportunity for us to hear a foreign journalist from “le Monde” and French Global Voice talking about censorship and laws that rule different countries in terms of code of information. What has raised during the dialogue is the issue of censorship towards uncontrolled media drifts and irresponsibilities from accredited journalists as from bloggers. Concerning this matter, the situation in Iran reflects a perfect study case in micro-blogging, twitter technology and the unprecedent measures taken by the Iranian government in cyberwarfare counterattack of misinformation. In fact, Madagascar is now a cool place and the focus has changed to Iran, Honduras and Nigeria.
Barcamp 2nd editon
During the hot period of the Madagascan crisis 3 months ago, many Thai people had their eyes riveted to the red island — sharing maybe the same struggle for a better government and against any forms of tyranny they previously exprerienced (2008). What is happening in Iran now follows the same scope and should grasp the attention of all Malagasy people because it deals with an election issue just like in 2002 and a tyranical leader (just like in 2009) threatening the world with its nuclear bomb ambition (which is actually an Israeli myth). The Iranian crisis has reached its sixth week now counting almost 40 dead from Hossein Mousavi suppoters.

“When was the last time Americans “tweeted” on behalf of the Afghan, Iraqi, and Pakistani victims of American bombs ? “

  That’s the question thoughtful observers ask when they witness the surfeit drum beats about Iranian’s last election issue. Thanks to twitter, Israeli agents from Mossad have succeeded to marshal a movement against the actual government with the support of American “NED” the National Endowment for Democracy agency. With no clear evidence of stolen ballots, Moussavi, backed by the US service plan to overthrow the clerical regime of Teheran. It is clear then that social networking and micro blogging is again misused from its primal purpose and serves as another tool of controlling the mass opinion on the behalf of Western powers. Indeed, Uncle Sam can not act directly anymore after Bush’s overt policy on Iraq; they would use instead internet technology to achieve their goal. Think twice before tweeting !

Back in 2007, ABC News reported that President George W. Bush had signed a secret “Presidential finding” authorizing the CIA to mount covert “black” operations to destabilize the Iranian government. According to current and former intelligence officials, these operations included “a coordinated campaign of propaganda broadcasts, placement of negative newspaper articles, and the manipulation of Iran’s currency and international banking transactions.” Who’s Diddling Democracy in Iran? By Steve Weissman


Iran cyber warfare and CIA world
No meaningful evidence of fraud
Still not much evidence of fraud
Election fraud in Iran is not foregone
Reaping what we sow : Iran and stolen ballots


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  1. Twitter enables all people over the world to get updated of the latest news.Actually, I do agree with the fact that It has become an undeniable tool to influence opinion public and to eradicate a regime that US did not like or may threat its security.Personally , pdt Obama is under constraint to do so as he have to show to american people that they are save under his administration.

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