The Big Farce of « 14 Juillet »

(Post scheduled on 15 july)

Definitely I’m not a francophone, not because I prefer to write in English but for the simple reason that the country of “stinking cheese” has once colonized Madagascar. In addition to that, French president Nicolas Sarkozy still dared to state that Colonization brought good things than harm to their former colonies, which is the biggest goof I’ve ever heard during the past 20 years of my existence. So I didn’t remember this date yesterday before an announcement on CCAC’s portal where “ due to the French national day the library is closed today” was been written. Then I saw in a newspaper’s column that the HAT (transitional government) will decline the French ambassador’s invitation to the usual cocktail party at Ivandry. The reason is — according to the Prime Minister Monja Roindefo — that France still not recognizes the HAT gov and the resident ambassador(not official) didn’t attend the Malagasy independence day on 26th June. If an HAT member honor this invitation it will be by his own initiative not in the government’s name. I could only but rejoice this wise decision from the PM, at last we got a nationalist leader. But in evening I heard that almost all the government’s cabinet were present to the celebration place, making nonsense the previous statement. For fuck’s sake what is this ?

Like fleas sticking on a dog’s fur, everybody (politicians) want to show to the “sa Majesté” that they still exist and ready to pledge any new allegiances. Apart from the HAT, Zafy Albert, Ratsiraka Rolland and Pierrot Rajaonarivelo were also there. It seems that the “crime de lèse-majesté” will never disappear from our politicians and from us. I remember last year when the former president Ravalomanana has shortened the term of the French ambassador of that time (Gildas Le Lidec); the reaction of the general public was — marshaled by the vilifications of francophone journalists (most of the mainstream media here are francophone) – against the decision. Imagine that in a foreign country one of our ambassador receive the same treatment and the people of that country decide to side with him: unimaginable. Even the legalist leaders who are the archenemies of French meddling in the current affair are said to have apologized. And the speech didn’t really deserve the tour; “Vazaha mody miady”, a Malagasy expression meaning that foreigners feint a disagreement (EU) but aim together the same goal. We need desperately true nationalists leader to protect the country’s own interests, but at this rate they are not yet born. Give me back Kwame Nkrumah someday !Apart from that, French Masonry actively cheered all its members in Madagascar as French position trembled during Ravalomanana’s regime, they have many thing to atone now. “Cassez vous pauvre CONS”


~ by tolotra on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “The Big Farce of « 14 Juillet »”

  1. Well-said.

    Mankasitraka tanteraka mahita fa misy tonga saina ihany ny Malagasy na dia tsy alehany aza ny mpitondra (na mpitondra tsirairay na atao ankapobe) Mahonena tokoa fa mbola renimalala ihany ry zareo.

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