Rampant terrorist attacks in Antananarivo.

Ultimately I decided to postpone my post about Apollo 11 and the American fake landing on the moon in order to highlight the recent event that shook the country last weekend. As I already stated in a previous post, some recalcitrant supporters of Ravalomanana have chosen to parody the Jihad movement to claim their due; but this time it’s official: 1 bomb planter dead 2 others wounded and 2 persons killed in a terrorist-like commando attack on radio Viva (owned by the actual president Rajoelina Andry), it’s not a parody of my best quote of Bin Laden “we will respond by actions not by words” . The security forces are on high alert to find hidden bombs elsewhere as they have already found and disabled some near military camp and police headquarters. The commander in chief of the “Gendarmerie” squad reiterated that it’s far from a joke, that terrorist attack is a real threat to the population. As a member of the security officer, he has avoided to directly link all these bomb plants to any political schemes but everyone knows that the purpose is very political. As one of the newspaper in Antananarivo put on its headline : “the capital has joined the rank of Bagdad” , an analogy to compare the situation here in Madagascar to what is happening in Iraq now. So the innocent victim has raised to 4 (not taking into account the killed terrorist and the ~40 dead during 07/02/09 ) and will soar again in the next attacks. Has the Malagasy people’s mentality radically changed to reach this proportion or it’s another “bad apple” persons who strayed from the right path ?.
Actually, I personally support violence when it is the last resort of one’s survival. When asked that if nonviolent movement fails what would you do, Gandhi once replied that he would choose violence. But it is fool and misplaced to try to relate Gandhi’s struggle for Indian people and the surge of violent acts by some Ravalomanana’s supporter to shake the HAT regime and to mess up people’s life. But are the legalists too stupid to that point to allow such strategy: attacking military base and blowing buildings with 2kg home made explosive ? I doubt that this is another trick of the West to validate military intervention since the so-called terrorist attacks don’t really make sense according Malagasy culture, whether it’s an isolated act by fanatic supporter who don’t really know how far this would lead to. The former French colonizer have failed to wage civil war between Malagasy in the past , during the past political crises no terrorist attacks have been recorded so why now ? That sounds fishy again, anyway I will not fall into the psychose of bomb threat.


~ by tolotra on July 20, 2009.

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