Religious Quote of the Day: Luke 17:32

Being intellectually choked by the present political situation here in Madagascar, I decide to go back into Religion for a while by reading the Bible; it’s not a last resort as most people may think but just a source of knowledge to get clues on how we are living today, as these same situations had already been experienced in the Bible’s ancient time. So I read and stumbled on Luke 17:32-37 which says:

On that night, I tell you , there will be two people sleeping in the same bed : one will be taken away, the other will be left behind.Two women (…). Then the disciples asked him: “Where, Lord ?” Jesus answered: “WHEREVER THERE IS A DEAD BODY, THE VULTURES WILL GATHER.”

I tried my best to understand the meaning (without the help of a minister) . It’s a bit different from all the warnings like “Watch your back”, “Keep on guard” when Jesus talked about the coming of the Kingdom. In the previous verses he stressed on the story of Noah and Lot and how they had managed to fly away from the flood and fire. And the scripture above is more related to this final flood but following a more logical understanding. Noah is said to built the Ark following God’s advice, gathering all the animals( all kind) and his own family and be prepared for the flood. When I asked my fellow Christian friend on how it be possible for Noah to gather all couple of animals knowing that the Ark itself is limited in size ? He replied, God gave Noah knowledges to put them all in the Ark as God gave him technical knowledge to build it. Weird! I agree if it were only a Lion couple, Bear, Zebra, Horse and big mammal animals but what about the ants, grasshooper, snake…; the lemurs in Madagascar especially the Aye-Aye (clic here to visit Madagascar) and the Panda in China .

Funny Ark

There is what we call animal instinct, the ants know when it about to rain, the elephant knows when the earth is about to shake and other clear explanations on another species. The ark is not a ship but a construction on the top of a mountain (not Kilimanjaro nor K2), the animals know beforehand what will happen and join the mountain in right time just as few people apart Noah’s family who noticed the sign. The crux is to recognize the sign God sends to us through natural phenomenons that we should all understand when the time comes. The quotes above taken from Luke follow the same scope, people are too busy in working, amassing wealth, get entertained that in the haste their own insight betray them. Rather than to go in a safe place the will rush to the place of death where “the vultures gather”. Yet that doesn’t explain the word “taken away” because the other guy is taken not decided to go there by his free will. And I’m still searching for the right answer ….

Updated on 27/08/09:

Vultures arrive at the scene after death has taken place, or the animal is already irreversibly dying, is already “dead meat.” Vultures are a post factum sign that an event (an animal’s death) has already occurred. In that case, the proverb about vultures fits Jesus’ purposes perfectly in Luke 17,20-37. Jesus has responded to the Pharisees that the final Reign of God will not come with advance signs subject to human observation (17,20).Thus, when the signs of the Parousia do come, human reaction to it will already be so late that no one can prepare for the Parousia itself.


~ by tolotra on July 28, 2009.

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