Swine Flu Hit Madagascar.

The first case of swine flu in Madagascar was revealed last weekend by a governemental special task force hastily composed by the Ministry of Health , Institut Pasteur, WHO’s experts. And by the time I’m writing now 4 new cases were discovered. The first patient has just came from a travel where the country’s name is not unveiled (for what reason ?) which is maybe no relevance since he ( a young boy) made several stopovers before gettin to Madagascar. Madagascar is then the number 170 to be affected by the virus A(H1n1) whose origin is said to be in Mexico, from pig and through mind-bloggling acrobaties ultimately contaminated human being and contagious. Anyway the governement staff try to assure the population that they have control of the situation which is the least they could do since the political situation here in Madagascar is more than unbearable and the “Tamiflu”, the only drug (a Japanese one will be avalaible in 2010) that can cure this disease cost about 100000 Ariary ( cheaper than Pfizer’s viagra but who can afford it). Nevertheless, I would never fall into hysteria about this so-called Swine Flu, I believe that there would be effective Gasy-made medecine like they did with AIDS if it turns out that this virus really kills. Why, because like what happened 10 years ago it seems that this pandemic disease is not really as dangerous as the worldwide mainstream media tried to make us believe.


Ten years ago, during Ratsiraka’s regime there was a media and rumors made disease that is said will eradicate the population. I remember that people are not allowed to shake hand, keep suspicious person at a distance and if someone died, the family are not allowed to bury the body (like European black plague centuries ago). There were live radio calls who signal that their neighbours looks weird, that a taxi cab carried an infected guy and so on; it’s like the myth of terrorism in the USA and its subsequent campaign of terror .The farce –nurtured by the media– persisted till the day when the daughter of a policeman found to be dead in the Hospital because the babysitter said she had an head ache. Later it was discovered that the dead body of the little girl has no organs. Only sparse case of “Cholera” really existed at that time but some high local personalities used it to do their machiavellian business: organ traffic. After, it turns out that Cholera can’t be transmitted through the air and the cause is mainly due to lack of basic hygiene, no more. What happens worldwide may follow the same pattern about Swine Flu. A friend from New Zealand for instance said that it can be healed without “Tamiflu”. And why many Western governments stockpile Tamiflu which is produced by only one drug company as if it is the end of everything. Why the media hype up about it. Go to see the movie “V for Vendetta” and you will get what I mean.


Apart from that, Swine Flu is not a brand new flu as we may believe. The last eclosion of Swine Flu took place in 1976, in De Fort-Dix(New Jersey, USA). Hundred of soldiers were affected there. The president of that time, Gerald Ford had immediately ordered a national campaign of vaccination. An investigation made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has never allowed to understand why the virus has not spread outside the military base. The Source of the virus, the exact period of its introduction to the base, the factors which had limited its extension remain unknown. Another question: is A/H1N1 a mutation of the former bird flu virus H5N1 which is also may derived from SRAS virus (3years ago in Asia) ? Or just all of these viruses are human-made, it sounds a bit fishy to me.

See also : http://911truth-sherbrooke.org/2009/04/27/bird-flu-swine-flu-hoax/

Sources: Steve Watson for Infowars, http://www.nouvelordremondial.cc


~ by tolotra on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Swine Flu Hit Madagascar.”

  1. OMG! Lol, I like the cartoons!!
    Yeah, I read on Wikipedia that the swine flu caused a person’s death in the U.S. at the time.
    Thanks for sharing the link. That’s right, we don’t know anymore who and what to believe about the swine flu. What is not clear yet for me is that among people who are infected, some die and others just don’t. Maybe it depends on how strong your body is?

    And the price of the Tamiflu in here, they’re kidding. How many percentage of the population can afford that 100000Ar? As usual, here you die when you’re not rich.

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