Need a Red Pill ?

“The hidden truth is that a large amount of scholarship is clerical work. In fact, a good deal of science is detailed, routine work. I’m not saying it’s easy—you have to know what you’re looking for and so on—but it’s not an enormous intellectual challenge. There are aspects of inquiry that are serious intellectual challenges, but usually not those concerned with human affairs. There you have to be sensible and self-critical, but anybody can do this work if they want to do it.” Imperial Ambitions, Noam Chomsky ( ) .

Clerical works, little knowledge of history and a bit sense of logic are basic tools everyone should have in order to fully comprehend what happen around them. It is easy to get rid of the abstruseness that prevent we people, to realize that this turmoil is just a crap and we must rise. It doesn’t need a PhD in Political Science to understand what happens here in Madagascar, that how far-fetched an idea is to coerce four (4) opposed political trends (TGV, TIM, AREMA, CRN) to make an agreement on who will have power like we have seen in Maputo, Mozambique recently. Even a so-called democratic and civilized country like the USA found that a bipartisan government is not effective and may turn to be a total failure for Obama. First, the 4 parties don’t represent the whole political arena here in Madagascar who have better opted for the national convention for the next general election’s sake. And secondly as I unceasingly reported, who the hell has found this ingenious idea to include Ratsiraka and Zafy Albert on the round table though their respective partisans would have been easily selected in the actual HAT transitional government as for the TIM members. And this fact deserves much clarification because it seems that these clever politicians who are far from idiot zealots have been blurred by their historical leaders during Maputo’s deal, where they can not stand their ground, where personal convinctions have little significance, where their position remains to be a mere pawn in the political chessboard. And above all, the fact that there was a revolution — the reason of all this discourse — lead by the population now asphyxiated in oblivion. So for the second time I strongly solicit a Benevolent Dictatorship (military or not) which –by wiping out this mess– I think the only way to save Madagascar and its people from this Geopolitical deadlock. We need a Malagasy Chavez, a Castro, someone like Sadam Hussein, or Taliban leaders.(I weigh my words)

Apart from the starving wolves**’ concerns above, another general truth that arisen during this crisis (here is the crisis timeline ) is the fact that Madagascar doesn’t really need foreign aid as some people try to indoctrinate the population; Madagascar doesn’t need to be affiliated to the SADEC ( taxfree imports from Mauritius choke local industries) and to be member of African Union (because Malagasy are anything but Africans). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (economist) to understand that all the financial aid IMF/World Bank granted to Madagascar are to serve their own purpose and rarely affect the local population, including reforms in land owning by foreigner and total control in mining contracts and transactions. How erroneous is to say that people are suffering without these so-called aid, better say that few groups of people who supervise these aid are suffering now. Here is the non-exhaustive pattern how the Government works: it raises tax from local community, collects customs revenues, get money from state owned company(very few) and redistribute these wealth through public investments, civil servants’ salary, road construction, building new hospitals… and of course buying a B737 Presidential jet. The population can live by their own and it’s always been the case for decades here in Madagascar so far, so good , with or without any foreign aid (70% of the annual Gov Budget some said) . Till now I couldn’t see what the results of aid (cite and comment me any if you find) and please stop saying that if an agreement is not found we are going to starve to death knowing that Madagascar hosts the largest number of French expatriates/companies in Africa and soon will produce via Rio Tinto/Sheritt the world top production of titanium sand(illmenite), cobalt, zinc and other minerals (like gold,gems). So please, please, don’t tell that Malagasy people are poor and American’s AGOA (lowcost labour) is a boon unless you are labelled as “Certified Nitwit”. To close this post I’d like to quote this Kreator’s song “Don’t look at me as if I didn’t know, your vanity is all you’ve ever showed” People of the Lie , indeed the root of this problem are vanity and selfishness.

* Red pill as appeared in the movie Matrix let you to know the truth
** “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” Benjamin Franklin


~ by tolotra on August 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Need a Red Pill ?”

  1. Tompoko,

    Mankasitraka tokoa amin’ny hevitra aposakao eto. Dia miombon-kevitra aminao tokoa aho amin’ny ankamaroan’ny lazainao afa-tsy ilay fehezan-teny hoe “a so-called democratic and civilized country like the USA” iza toheriko tanteraka. Milaza tena izy fa ireo zavatra ireo fa raha tena dinihina ny zava-misy dia tsy marina na ny voalohany na ny faharoa.

    Mahereza tompoko

    PS: ny indro kely anankiray koa dia na tokana na maro ny fanampiana dia “aid” foana tsy ampiana s fa hafa tanteraka ny hoe “aids”.

  2. […] have power like we have seen in Maputo, Mozambique recently. … Read the original here:  Need a Red Pill ? « Hope for Madagascar Share and […]

  3. Misaotra betsaka nanome fanamarihana sy fanintsiana, lasa SIDA tokoa ny aids. Raha manoratra blaogy koa ianao de mba ampahafatarao hifanakalozana hevitra !

    Ka izay indrindra ange no nilazako hoe “so-called” satria sady tsy demôkratika no tsy lasa lavitra akory teo amin’ny lafiny sivilizasiona(ny fandrosoana teknôlôjika manimba ny maha-olona).Mazava be ny resaka amin’izao fotoana izao any US any momban’ny “health care system” sy ny fandrikin’ny “corporate state”.

    Misaotra indrindra.

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