Not Another War Movie !

hurtlockerposterDue to time-lag, I’ve only seen yesterday the latest war movie “the Hurt Locker”, recounting the life of three Soldiers in Iraq and especially about IED bomb defusing. Described by some as apolitical, the movie focuses more on individual psyche on war field, the tension and details of modern war (modern war = between armies technologically unequal that urges the other to use archaic technique as weapon =Improvised Explosive Device and suicide bomber). You won’t see an adrenaline-hyped patriotic Rambo-type guy who can blow 5 Soviet divisions by himself . Rather, the movie tries to give more detailed images of what to be on the frontline means, knowing that death can hit you at every move, every corner, that American loss exists (yet far from the reality of Iraqis casualties mainly civilian). Yet, death issue is almost disregarded by the main character since he is just doing what he is supposed and told to do. And like every action movies, it depicts also some combat techniques like using a Barret .50 long range riffle vs a 7.62 mm Russian based sniper riffle and of course the M4 SOPMOD for close firing.

Barret cal .50

Well, as apolitical “The Hurt Locker” shirks the overwhelming question: what the fuck are they doing in Iraq ? Like in “Black Hawk Dawn”, I want to see many GIs down, shot by the Iraqis nationalists; I want to see the reality the native Iraqis people live under US occupation like in “Redacted” and “Battle for Hadhita”. Pretending to describe reality also is a failure for the movie. In the first scene where an Iraqis get closer to the soldiers and only told to move away. The reality is: every child throwing rocks or old women screaming obscenities (That would include anyone who did not lie on the ground in submission — something the non-English speaking Iraqis are supposed to automatically understand.) are shot right away without warning. The reality is that IED is not that bad because it’s the only weapon Iraqis have to protect their country whereas American have helicopters to drop people out of, white phosphorus to mummify them, napalm to cook them to a crisp, cluster bombs to shread them, Predator drones, DU etc. So don’t try to sell us that Holywood crap .


~ by tolotra on September 19, 2009.

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