Medal of Horror

Medal of Honor 2010

Everyone who likes FPS will be happy for the coming release of Medal of Honor in its modern warfare version. Unlike the precedent series which took place during WWII, the new Electronic Arts game is set in the actual Afghanistan battlefield; players will be virtually in the shoes of a special squad sent in the combat zone to deal with the Taliban. A note in EA’s website says that the very special death squad really exists to counter the asymmetric warfare US Army have to cope there – which means that the military force on the other side doesn’t have the same average $500 billion per annum defense budget –, they proudly say that the “TIER 1 Operators”, whom the game was inspired by and whose so-called elite soldiers gave their counselling for the details, are the new warriors for a new enemy in a new war.

The 2min YouTube trailer promises an intense adrenaline-hyped action (on your computer screen of course) but, I feel like sick of all this non ending killing campaign against Arab people and want to be on the other side, a kind of renegade. Thanks to FPS video game, I came to know various rifles used in the combat zone like the HK G36, M4 sopmod, Tavor or the LRRS CheytacM200 and Barrett .50 sniper rifles; no matter how hard is the game setting, it seems that it’s easy to kill the enemy when you use modern weapons and drone assistance while the terrorist only have AK 47 and old RPG-7 to defend themselves. So I think it is far more exciting to be in the boot of the enemy trying to score a large number of body count with only few magazines, making your way through obstacles when playing a suicide bomber or choosing the best place for an IED for a maximum damage. Not only it will sharpen your sense of survival but makes you proud of the cause you defend: an entire people, a culture, a country, a civilization snatched by force and on the verge of annihilation just for the oil greed of Western countries.

Indeed, FPS video games are part of western countries’ strategy to nurture among youth the hatred towards people who, when refusing to cooperate in unfair deals with them, are treated as terrorists. Bin Laden was not a terrorist when he worked with the CIA to fight the Soviet occupation, the Taliban were given financial support from the USA before they refused the pipeline deal of Unocal. An episode of Al Jazeera’s the Listening Post show tries to get into the intricacies of how the corporate media and the military PR focus on Hollywood action movies and video games to make a part of the population rally their agenda. I forget to mention that Al Jazeera itself may be considered a voice of the terrorists like in Call of Duty 4 where there is a scene I play (without knowing it) besieging Al Jazeera office full of terrorists (which is normal) shouting Arabic language and wearing Palestinian scarf. It is no longer fun to play FPS when you notice that guys who pilot “Predator” drone do it in distance via satellite just like in the video game and like you, they are not morally accountable for civilian massacre, I mean collateral damage. If you plan to buy Medal of Honor, think deeper about the whole agenda behind it because you are not only virtually kill villains (who hate America coz American women wear G-string) but contribute also to the real daily grief and sorrow of an entire population. Don’t let them deprive your humanity.


~ by tolotra on July 22, 2010.

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  1. A well written piece I must say.

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