Democracy or the Tyranny of the People

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This Thomas Jefferson’s definititon of democracy is pretty explicit in a sense that it makes us aware that it doesn’t necessarily mean total freedom or brings satisfaction to all but only for the majority. So when the figure is proportionally inversed it leads us to Michael Parenti’s term “Democracy for the Few”. In a country like Madagascar where people’s vision of Democracy remains the genuine one, they have used this prerogative to topple any Governement which doesn’t tune with their aspiration. There is then a misinterpretation about Malagasy people’s struggle which started last January this year and have put an end to Ravalomanana’s regime. Mob rule and street protest are –according to Jefferson’s definition—the means to achieve real Democracy but not Western standard delimiting it to electoral system where people’s involvement into the Public Affairs cease after general election, allowing the Government to take important decision on their behalf, against their real need. If the Americans (Americons) have acted to protest against Bush admnistration without waiting 2009’ election the consequences would have been less tragic. On the other hand, in any tyrannical form of democratic governance there are always the few oppressed one, who –in the name of Democracy again– will claim their due and a better consideration of their will. I’m talking here about Ravalomanana’s supporters who can be considered as people or “vahoaka” in Malagasy term but with a slight discreptancy : they are not the numerous vahoaka.

Another study case about the Tyranny of the Majority is what happened in Venezuela in 2002. When the democratically elected president Hugo Chavez started to implement major changes in the economy, including the nationalization of all vital sector of industries and especially for a significant revenue for the people in oil trade, the US took a dim view on these reforms. With a US-backed opposition group, national oil company and few capitalist lobbies they marshalled many people to instigate a coup d’état which removed him from power for 2days. But the majority of the people raised to support their nationalist president and runned demonstrations on the street to counterbalance the opposition movement. Just as we have seen on TV, those who supported Chavez are the real people because they are the majority one. Just as the case of Venezuela, 2009 political crisis in Madagascar follow the same pattern but in the opposite direction. At the dawn of a new interim government formation which intend to include all political trends (not only those who signed Maputo convention), still some voices raise to reject it and surely will shout out for all those who want to hear that this new Governement is illegal, undemocratic because it doesn’t suit their qualification. They are again the victim of real Democracy. Finnally I would restrain myself to say that this form of Democracy is the best solution for Madagascar, we need real participatory and true representative democracy and everbody is happy, not cult of personality about one single guy anymore. Election is a step but people’s engagement are strongly solicited in the Government’s activities through policy making or in the worst case just topple any Government who try to fuck the people like we did. Sovereign Individual !.

Additional quote:

  • When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
  • A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
  • Thomas Jefferson


    Need a Red Pill ?

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    “The hidden truth is that a large amount of scholarship is clerical work. In fact, a good deal of science is detailed, routine work. I’m not saying it’s easy—you have to know what you’re looking for and so on—but it’s not an enormous intellectual challenge. There are aspects of inquiry that are serious intellectual challenges, but usually not those concerned with human affairs. There you have to be sensible and self-critical, but anybody can do this work if they want to do it.” Imperial Ambitions, Noam Chomsky ( ) .

    Clerical works, little knowledge of history and a bit sense of logic are basic tools everyone should have in order to fully comprehend what happen around them. It is easy to get rid of the abstruseness that prevent we people, to realize that this turmoil is just a crap and we must rise. It doesn’t need a PhD in Political Science to understand what happens here in Madagascar, that how far-fetched an idea is to coerce four (4) opposed political trends (TGV, TIM, AREMA, CRN) to make an agreement on who will have power like we have seen in Maputo, Mozambique recently. Even a so-called democratic and civilized country like the USA found that a bipartisan government is not effective and may turn to be a total failure for Obama. First, the 4 parties don’t represent the whole political arena here in Madagascar who have better opted for the national convention for the next general election’s sake. And secondly as I unceasingly reported, who the hell has found this ingenious idea to include Ratsiraka and Zafy Albert on the round table though their respective partisans would have been easily selected in the actual HAT transitional government as for the TIM members. And this fact deserves much clarification because it seems that these clever politicians who are far from idiot zealots have been blurred by their historical leaders during Maputo’s deal, where they can not stand their ground, where personal convinctions have little significance, where their position remains to be a mere pawn in the political chessboard. And above all, the fact that there was a revolution — the reason of all this discourse — lead by the population now asphyxiated in oblivion. So for the second time I strongly solicit a Benevolent Dictatorship (military or not) which –by wiping out this mess– I think the only way to save Madagascar and its people from this Geopolitical deadlock. We need a Malagasy Chavez, a Castro, someone like Sadam Hussein, or Taliban leaders.(I weigh my words)

    Apart from the starving wolves**’ concerns above, another general truth that arisen during this crisis (here is the crisis timeline ) is the fact that Madagascar doesn’t really need foreign aid as some people try to indoctrinate the population; Madagascar doesn’t need to be affiliated to the SADEC ( taxfree imports from Mauritius choke local industries) and to be member of African Union (because Malagasy are anything but Africans). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (economist) to understand that all the financial aid IMF/World Bank granted to Madagascar are to serve their own purpose and rarely affect the local population, including reforms in land owning by foreigner and total control in mining contracts and transactions. How erroneous is to say that people are suffering without these so-called aid, better say that few groups of people who supervise these aid are suffering now. Here is the non-exhaustive pattern how the Government works: it raises tax from local community, collects customs revenues, get money from state owned company(very few) and redistribute these wealth through public investments, civil servants’ salary, road construction, building new hospitals… and of course buying a B737 Presidential jet. The population can live by their own and it’s always been the case for decades here in Madagascar so far, so good , with or without any foreign aid (70% of the annual Gov Budget some said) . Till now I couldn’t see what the results of aid (cite and comment me any if you find) and please stop saying that if an agreement is not found we are going to starve to death knowing that Madagascar hosts the largest number of French expatriates/companies in Africa and soon will produce via Rio Tinto/Sheritt the world top production of titanium sand(illmenite), cobalt, zinc and other minerals (like gold,gems). So please, please, don’t tell that Malagasy people are poor and American’s AGOA (lowcost labour) is a boon unless you are labelled as “Certified Nitwit”. To close this post I’d like to quote this Kreator’s song “Don’t look at me as if I didn’t know, your vanity is all you’ve ever showed” People of the Lie , indeed the root of this problem are vanity and selfishness.

    * Red pill as appeared in the movie Matrix let you to know the truth
    ** “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” Benjamin Franklin

    Swine Flu Hit Madagascar.

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    The first case of swine flu in Madagascar was revealed last weekend by a governemental special task force hastily composed by the Ministry of Health , Institut Pasteur, WHO’s experts. And by the time I’m writing now 4 new cases were discovered. The first patient has just came from a travel where the country’s name is not unveiled (for what reason ?) which is maybe no relevance since he ( a young boy) made several stopovers before gettin to Madagascar. Madagascar is then the number 170 to be affected by the virus A(H1n1) whose origin is said to be in Mexico, from pig and through mind-bloggling acrobaties ultimately contaminated human being and contagious. Anyway the governement staff try to assure the population that they have control of the situation which is the least they could do since the political situation here in Madagascar is more than unbearable and the “Tamiflu”, the only drug (a Japanese one will be avalaible in 2010) that can cure this disease cost about 100000 Ariary ( cheaper than Pfizer’s viagra but who can afford it). Nevertheless, I would never fall into hysteria about this so-called Swine Flu, I believe that there would be effective Gasy-made medecine like they did with AIDS if it turns out that this virus really kills. Why, because like what happened 10 years ago it seems that this pandemic disease is not really as dangerous as the worldwide mainstream media tried to make us believe.


    Ten years ago, during Ratsiraka’s regime there was a media and rumors made disease that is said will eradicate the population. I remember that people are not allowed to shake hand, keep suspicious person at a distance and if someone died, the family are not allowed to bury the body (like European black plague centuries ago). There were live radio calls who signal that their neighbours looks weird, that a taxi cab carried an infected guy and so on; it’s like the myth of terrorism in the USA and its subsequent campaign of terror .The farce –nurtured by the media– persisted till the day when the daughter of a policeman found to be dead in the Hospital because the babysitter said she had an head ache. Later it was discovered that the dead body of the little girl has no organs. Only sparse case of “Cholera” really existed at that time but some high local personalities used it to do their machiavellian business: organ traffic. After, it turns out that Cholera can’t be transmitted through the air and the cause is mainly due to lack of basic hygiene, no more. What happens worldwide may follow the same pattern about Swine Flu. A friend from New Zealand for instance said that it can be healed without “Tamiflu”. And why many Western governments stockpile Tamiflu which is produced by only one drug company as if it is the end of everything. Why the media hype up about it. Go to see the movie “V for Vendetta” and you will get what I mean.


    Apart from that, Swine Flu is not a brand new flu as we may believe. The last eclosion of Swine Flu took place in 1976, in De Fort-Dix(New Jersey, USA). Hundred of soldiers were affected there. The president of that time, Gerald Ford had immediately ordered a national campaign of vaccination. An investigation made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has never allowed to understand why the virus has not spread outside the military base. The Source of the virus, the exact period of its introduction to the base, the factors which had limited its extension remain unknown. Another question: is A/H1N1 a mutation of the former bird flu virus H5N1 which is also may derived from SRAS virus (3years ago in Asia) ? Or just all of these viruses are human-made, it sounds a bit fishy to me.

    See also :

    Sources: Steve Watson for Infowars,

    Hasin’i Madagasikara, Green Policy Trailblazer in Africa.

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    Madagascan Green Party “Hasin’i Madagasikara” moves fast but not in fits and starts. After its first intervention about the water issue here in Madagascar, the national green party has achieved its first international workshop and meeting. Lead by the President Saraha Georget RABEHARISOA and the ambassador of the Malagasy green party in Europe Giancarlo FUSCO, the delegation composed by the members has laid down the bases of environmental policies for international perspectives. During this trip, they have paved the way for the next International Greens’ conference which will be held in Sweden this October 2009. This tour in Italy was also an opportunity for them to meet the Italian Green Party “Verdi”, and were given a friendly reception by the president which is also the vice president of European “Greens” Gracia FRACESCATO and the general secretary Juan BEHREND. Saraha RABEHARISOA was after invited to the private broadcasting of the Italian Green Party and took the floor before the General Assembly, which reflects the great affection and respect the Green in Italy would give to Malagasy people through “Hasin’i Madagasikara”.
    mother water
    During the speech she delivered to the journalists and the Assembly, she asked a concrete support from the European Green Parties to break the present isolation of Madagascar and for the implementation of pragmatic means to bridge the gap between the industrialzed North and the developing countries in the South. The stress was put on land owning problems, water preservation and a political approach in sustainable developments respectful to the environment. A message that convinced the audience and thrust the party into defending its cause during the next world forum in Malmö Sweden. The exchanges made there are very satisfying for the party to the extent that the foundations of Hasin’i Madagasikara which are the land, water and the environment, in its broad term, including the conservation of Cultural and Historical heritage of every country, are seen as new leading thoughts to palliate globalization. Besides, the president of Hasin’i Madagasikara has anticipated to the assembly and journalists present there that during the next national congress here in Madagascar, she will ask to insert a clause into the constitution stating that Madagascar will not opt nuclear energy nor for military purpose and will never accept agreements about toxic-nuclear waste.

    The Malagasy Green Party Hasin’i Madagasikara definitely opts for the development of hydroelectric solutions, solar and wind energy as they are aware about the alarming climat change.

    Religious Quote of the Day: Luke 17:32

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    Being intellectually choked by the present political situation here in Madagascar, I decide to go back into Religion for a while by reading the Bible; it’s not a last resort as most people may think but just a source of knowledge to get clues on how we are living today, as these same situations had already been experienced in the Bible’s ancient time. So I read and stumbled on Luke 17:32-37 which says:

    On that night, I tell you , there will be two people sleeping in the same bed : one will be taken away, the other will be left behind.Two women (…). Then the disciples asked him: “Where, Lord ?” Jesus answered: “WHEREVER THERE IS A DEAD BODY, THE VULTURES WILL GATHER.”

    I tried my best to understand the meaning (without the help of a minister) . It’s a bit different from all the warnings like “Watch your back”, “Keep on guard” when Jesus talked about the coming of the Kingdom. In the previous verses he stressed on the story of Noah and Lot and how they had managed to fly away from the flood and fire. And the scripture above is more related to this final flood but following a more logical understanding. Noah is said to built the Ark following God’s advice, gathering all the animals( all kind) and his own family and be prepared for the flood. When I asked my fellow Christian friend on how it be possible for Noah to gather all couple of animals knowing that the Ark itself is limited in size ? He replied, God gave Noah knowledges to put them all in the Ark as God gave him technical knowledge to build it. Weird! I agree if it were only a Lion couple, Bear, Zebra, Horse and big mammal animals but what about the ants, grasshooper, snake…; the lemurs in Madagascar especially the Aye-Aye (clic here to visit Madagascar) and the Panda in China .

    Funny Ark

    There is what we call animal instinct, the ants know when it about to rain, the elephant knows when the earth is about to shake and other clear explanations on another species. The ark is not a ship but a construction on the top of a mountain (not Kilimanjaro nor K2), the animals know beforehand what will happen and join the mountain in right time just as few people apart Noah’s family who noticed the sign. The crux is to recognize the sign God sends to us through natural phenomenons that we should all understand when the time comes. The quotes above taken from Luke follow the same scope, people are too busy in working, amassing wealth, get entertained that in the haste their own insight betray them. Rather than to go in a safe place the will rush to the place of death where “the vultures gather”. Yet that doesn’t explain the word “taken away” because the other guy is taken not decided to go there by his free will. And I’m still searching for the right answer ….

    Updated on 27/08/09:

    Vultures arrive at the scene after death has taken place, or the animal is already irreversibly dying, is already “dead meat.” Vultures are a post factum sign that an event (an animal’s death) has already occurred. In that case, the proverb about vultures fits Jesus’ purposes perfectly in Luke 17,20-37. Jesus has responded to the Pharisees that the final Reign of God will not come with advance signs subject to human observation (17,20).Thus, when the signs of the Parousia do come, human reaction to it will already be so late that no one can prepare for the Parousia itself.

    Rampant terrorist attacks in Antananarivo.

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    Ultimately I decided to postpone my post about Apollo 11 and the American fake landing on the moon in order to highlight the recent event that shook the country last weekend. As I already stated in a previous post, some recalcitrant supporters of Ravalomanana have chosen to parody the Jihad movement to claim their due; but this time it’s official: 1 bomb planter dead 2 others wounded and 2 persons killed in a terrorist-like commando attack on radio Viva (owned by the actual president Rajoelina Andry), it’s not a parody of my best quote of Bin Laden “we will respond by actions not by words” . The security forces are on high alert to find hidden bombs elsewhere as they have already found and disabled some near military camp and police headquarters. The commander in chief of the “Gendarmerie” squad reiterated that it’s far from a joke, that terrorist attack is a real threat to the population. As a member of the security officer, he has avoided to directly link all these bomb plants to any political schemes but everyone knows that the purpose is very political. As one of the newspaper in Antananarivo put on its headline : “the capital has joined the rank of Bagdad” , an analogy to compare the situation here in Madagascar to what is happening in Iraq now. So the innocent victim has raised to 4 (not taking into account the killed terrorist and the ~40 dead during 07/02/09 ) and will soar again in the next attacks. Has the Malagasy people’s mentality radically changed to reach this proportion or it’s another “bad apple” persons who strayed from the right path ?.
    Actually, I personally support violence when it is the last resort of one’s survival. When asked that if nonviolent movement fails what would you do, Gandhi once replied that he would choose violence. But it is fool and misplaced to try to relate Gandhi’s struggle for Indian people and the surge of violent acts by some Ravalomanana’s supporter to shake the HAT regime and to mess up people’s life. But are the legalists too stupid to that point to allow such strategy: attacking military base and blowing buildings with 2kg home made explosive ? I doubt that this is another trick of the West to validate military intervention since the so-called terrorist attacks don’t really make sense according Malagasy culture, whether it’s an isolated act by fanatic supporter who don’t really know how far this would lead to. The former French colonizer have failed to wage civil war between Malagasy in the past , during the past political crises no terrorist attacks have been recorded so why now ? That sounds fishy again, anyway I will not fall into the psychose of bomb threat.

    The Big Farce of « 14 Juillet »

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    (Post scheduled on 15 july)

    Definitely I’m not a francophone, not because I prefer to write in English but for the simple reason that the country of “stinking cheese” has once colonized Madagascar. In addition to that, French president Nicolas Sarkozy still dared to state that Colonization brought good things than harm to their former colonies, which is the biggest goof I’ve ever heard during the past 20 years of my existence. So I didn’t remember this date yesterday before an announcement on CCAC’s portal where “ due to the French national day the library is closed today” was been written. Then I saw in a newspaper’s column that the HAT (transitional government) will decline the French ambassador’s invitation to the usual cocktail party at Ivandry. The reason is — according to the Prime Minister Monja Roindefo — that France still not recognizes the HAT gov and the resident ambassador(not official) didn’t attend the Malagasy independence day on 26th June. If an HAT member honor this invitation it will be by his own initiative not in the government’s name. I could only but rejoice this wise decision from the PM, at last we got a nationalist leader. But in evening I heard that almost all the government’s cabinet were present to the celebration place, making nonsense the previous statement. For fuck’s sake what is this ?

    Like fleas sticking on a dog’s fur, everybody (politicians) want to show to the “sa Majesté” that they still exist and ready to pledge any new allegiances. Apart from the HAT, Zafy Albert, Ratsiraka Rolland and Pierrot Rajaonarivelo were also there. It seems that the “crime de lèse-majesté” will never disappear from our politicians and from us. I remember last year when the former president Ravalomanana has shortened the term of the French ambassador of that time (Gildas Le Lidec); the reaction of the general public was — marshaled by the vilifications of francophone journalists (most of the mainstream media here are francophone) – against the decision. Imagine that in a foreign country one of our ambassador receive the same treatment and the people of that country decide to side with him: unimaginable. Even the legalist leaders who are the archenemies of French meddling in the current affair are said to have apologized. And the speech didn’t really deserve the tour; “Vazaha mody miady”, a Malagasy expression meaning that foreigners feint a disagreement (EU) but aim together the same goal. We need desperately true nationalists leader to protect the country’s own interests, but at this rate they are not yet born. Give me back Kwame Nkrumah someday !Apart from that, French Masonry actively cheered all its members in Madagascar as French position trembled during Ravalomanana’s regime, they have many thing to atone now. “Cassez vous pauvre CONS”