My own “Matrix revisited”

Almost 10 years after the release of Matrix I, a lot if ink was been spilled about the inspirations and the main ideas behind the movie. There are many reviews and good articles about the relation of the movie with Gnostic Christianism and Buddhism philosophy like this one > Wake up ! Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix.
And others :

The following is my own vision of the movie and its correlation with human life in general through Christian perspective, already referred in other articles.
Assuming that we know all how the Matrix world works, I’d like to jump directly to the waking-up of Neo to the real world. Despite the fact that Neo(an hacker who knows more than the others) was given help by Morpheus in understanding the real world, his awareness came through self-realization, knowing that he is the “chosen one”. For me, enlightment is a personal quest , no self-help books, no priests nor churches can open our mind to the truth than ourselves. In Gnosticism, the desire for knowledge is innate in everyone(human being are endowed with divine nature) not given or taught like in mainstream Christianism; without this intuitive inner thirst for knowledge one can not attain enlightment like Neo did.
Another important point in the movie is the fact that if someone died in the matrix he dies also in the real world; considering that the Kingdom of Heaven is the real world where the spirit will return after physical death(on earth/matrix), there is a threat that we (our spirit) couldn’t go back home(real world) if we give too much importance to “virtual” matrix world. Hence don’t let your soul trapped in the matrix but prepare for you return to the real world or better, do the go-between the two worlds. In the movie, we can see Neo defying natural law like gravitation and movement speed by avoiding bullets; like us who are confronted in everyday life with very human(logic-physical) sentiments that control our action: anger, hatred, jealousy, ire, revenge, pride, sensuality, temptations and the opposite human (divine) attitude like Neo has shown : love, tolerance, forgiveness, intellect just like Jesus had taught. Rather than seeking salvation through physical death, we can start to live the real world right now and defying the law of the matrix world or “SIN” like Neo stopping bullets. There is no need to rely upon faith alone. Just as God gave us an inquiring mind, so too, He gave us the means to resolve any questions and problems.


~ by tolotra on May 22, 2009.

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